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  1. IGN; Plethrin Why you want to join; I was a part of a small AOTBT server a while back then it was dissolved and I am in search for a new one Experience with AOTBT; little over a year I think Skype; plethrin1 Age; 15 Country; USA Anything you want us to know; have OCD and social anxiety disorder (im not letting you know this as a means to get sympathy)
  2. : IGN:Plethrin Why should i pick you? :because I will not grief, I will not be disrespectful, I am looking for an AToBT server with a close knit group of players where we all have fun playing and have a mutual respect for eachother Are you a good builder? :I am part of my own build team called heritance I build things for servers so yes I am good Have you ever got banned from another server before? :nope How old are you? :17
  3. Name: austyn Username: Plethrin Age:16 Reasons: its not fun to play on server with hundreds of people its more fun to play in a close nit group where u all know and respect eachother
  4. Application: In-game name :Plethrin Age:15 Fave color for starter kit:black or red Timezone/Country:USA eastern daylight time
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