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  1. Any admins willing to give me back half of what was stolen, including (but not limited to): a half-stack of clay jars, 1.5 stacks of every Thermal Expansion Ingot (Excluding Shiny Ingots which i had 30 of (so 15 shinies)), 3 stacks of diamonds while trying to get the diamond rank (pic had fortune 3), a stack of ender pearls, and that's really it. Also, My witches oven with a fume funnel (made myself) and filtered fume funnel (gift from Lolipopx) was stolen. I want the person who stole my stuff banned asap. Until then, may i have permission to troll them to no end?
  2. Im having issues with people STEALING EVERYTHING I OWN. First, my xp tank. Every time i come online, it's almost empty. I even leave signs saying that unlike the annoying jerks who steal it, i work hard to get it. Second, i went into my witchery room to find my witches over WITH A FUME FUNNEL AND A FILTERED FUME FUNNEL ALL GONE. Even the chest with my witchery stuff was stolen. I know it was in an unguarded chunk but I was going to lock it tonight (I didn't have time yesterday due to IRL things). Also, my carpenters blocks made with the oven are also gone. Can i request that I get my stuff back (Seriously, you try collecting about 500 levels of xp to fit that tank). Edit: Note: the Fume funnel I made myself with the filtered fume funnel given to me by Lolipopx. Edit 2: Sorry about the rant. I was kinda mad that i somehow got deranked back to Seed (Im back to diamond rank which is good). I'm just tired of people thinking they can just take whatever they want from me. it makes me rage Edit 3: Raging Harder. If it was any worth at all, it was stolen from my chests. Seriously, doesn't that count as briefing AT ALL. I lost a FULL RESONANT ENDER STRONGBOX FULL OF INGOTS AND ORES I SPENT 10 HOURS TOTAL MINING. Where the heck is your respect people? I also lost another resonant ender strongbox full of other items of worth. I'd like to request that I get at least HALF of it back.
  3. Also, as for the ticking tile entity i saw earlier, it's probably the timers I have. I went in single player and found a more effective trashcan: the Nullifier. I'll replace the timers and droppers with that.
  4. Sorry about the Auto-Outputs on the DNA stuff. Might switch to item ducts to see if that works. Also, i have 2 timers connected to droppers that get rid of junk from both systems so that might be the ticking tile entity. I might use the Item Droppers from OpenBlocks instead. Sorry for the inconvenience guys
  5. Ign(In game name): MinimanTheFirst Age: 15.5 Where are you from?: USA What do you like to build?: Medieval structures What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Builder Why do you want to play on this server? It's Attack of the B-Team, my favorite modpack yet, on multiplayer. That's all the reason I need. Do you have Teamspeak? Yes, although I have no idea how it works
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