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  1. I have a full redstone cell (10000000 MJ) And full redstone conduits connecting to my pulverizer, redstone furnace, DNA Analyzer and extractor, yet none of them are getting any power, help??
  2. Nvm I copy and pasted, I fixed it now and it's working! Thank you so much
  3. Now i have this error http://imgur.com/TvHM7zW
  4. I am using the same build as you. I will screenshot all the mods i have now
  5. It's mostly minefactory reloaded mods
  6. I didn't know what i was doing so i just downloaded the server download again and made a new server and even deleted and redownloaded attack on b team
  7. I made a hamachi server for me and friends, it was all good, i updated my server and this is what i got. The server requires mods that are absent or out of date on your client. Idk wtf is going on help.
  8. I have never created or had experience with a minecraft or an attack of the b team hamachi server. But I want to make a hamachi attack of the b team server for me and 2-3 friends. I can't find anything on google or youtube. Therefore i am coming here for help. If anyone will give me DETAILED instructions on how to create a hamachi server. I will be incredibly grateful. Sincerely, Jack Howells
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