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  1. As much as I liked this server and enjoyed the great people on it, it's been 12 days for me.
  2. Looks like my character needs to be moved or reset again. The Mining World does not like at me at all.
  3. I had trouble launching the technic launcher earlier today, but after rebooting, reinstalling Java and trying to launch MC manually it seems to be working now in single player atleast.
  4. Looks like Classsbreaker123 is in the same boat. He came to where I was and now cannot log in either. Bad chunk maybe?
  5. Something bad has happened to my character in game. When I try to login I get internal server error and it looks like it kicks everyone else off. I was last in the mining world near my Quarry when I was booted from the server. At the time I was unable to mine any blocks around 1:00 CST. Any help would be appreciated.
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