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  1. IGN: popcorn_lvr Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): Trever Ward~popcorn_lvr Do you accept the rules?: Respectfully Age: 15 Youtube: I currently do no have one, but I may start one some time. I would also be fine with being in others' videos. How active you will be: I will try to get online whenever I get free time. I'm still in school, so I have homework and I also play hockey all year. I will try to get on atleast an hour or two everyday, and one the weekends I'd be on for close to 4 or 5 hours each day, possibly more. Why should I pick you?: I would like to be picked to join the server, because I think I could provide some help to others and hopefully they could also help me learn as well. I would also like to meet new people and make a few friends along the way. I'd also like to help others with their projects or with things they may need help on, in other words, I'd like to give a helping hand when ask for. I have been looking for a community that is close-knit and a welcoming one too. This one looks perfect to me, and I hope I am lucky enough to join.
  2. IGN: popcorn_lvr AGE: 15 HAVE YOU GOT BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS?: yes, a "friend's" server, but then we made up. WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY ON THE SERVER?: I would like a place to play the new mod pack that has been released, and to gain experience from other players, so I could help others some day too. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE MODS?: I don't know the mods too well, but I have been looking into a few and have been trying to learn them. I think that this community could help me learn more about the mods. WHY I SHOULD LET YOU ON?: I would like to join a community of experienced or non-experienced minecrafters (your server) so i could help others with what i know so far, and so they could help me with what they know about the multiple mods. HOW OFTEN WILL YOU BE ON?: I will try to get on after I do my schoolwork and when activities aren't occurring, such as school activities, friends, and hockey practices/games.
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