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  1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ is banned for facing away from the camera
  2. I have a crackpack server and i want it to be like the real crackpack and i need a couple of people on each team so 8 on each team. To get the crackpack download the atlauncher here http://www.atlauncher.com/downloads/ Rules: you can either watch the video on the rules here: or read the list here: You can only build machines/farms/bases in your team's Biome. you can PVP in your team's biome the other team's biome and No-Mans Land. if its anywhere else you have to both agree to fight. if you are fighting and one person walks outside one of the 3 biomes you are still fighting. you are not allowed to steal or destroy the other teams stuff. the goal is to kill the other team as much as possible. you are not allowed to nuke or bomb the other teams stuff YOU DO NOT BREAK OTHER PEOPLES GRAVES hopefully i did a good job listing out the rules but if you still dont fully understand i would recommend watching a video on it on one of the mindcrackers channels. But if you watched the video for the rules you don't have to wear a special hat for PVP. Team Red: 7/8 Slots Full: 1. Skittles_anator (aka Me) 2. SketSaver 3. ninjapenguin121 4. slauenza12 5. wheelplaysmc 6. rbuckles 7. bannanaAssasin958 8. FYI_URABOUT2DIE Team Blue: 4/8 Slots Full: 1. jacjac129 2. scaswatch 3. trav478 4. jermy1810 5. RevolutionXG4mer 6. SeniorMrPibb 7. megaman1321 8. Zevean4242 IP: WILL BE PUT HERE ONCE MOST SLOTS ARE FULL To get whitelisted here is the application. Just fill it out, put it in a reply and i might pick you. What is your Minecraft Username?: How old are you?: What team do you want to be on?: Why do you want to join?: How long will you be on for?: What is your skype username: Ok thats is all i have to put here for now.
  3. iceuas your the last whitelisted person for now unless the other people don't come on like I said EDIT AND YOU ang77
  4. the whitelist is MAINLY full but if the people who are whitelisted don't go on today or tomorrow other people will take their place
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