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  1. IGN: JacJac129 Age:14 Although I have had a rude awakening in High School and have matured. Timezone: Eastern (EST) Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: If I have any of the EE2 blocks in sight they will be taken from me by the admins How long have you played tekkit for? About three or four months. Although I have recently taken a few month break. If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here: Yes I have been from a vanilla creative server. I was an admin helping someone and a made a W/E mistake that crashed the server. That is all. Tell us something about yourself. I am 14 years old and live in New York. I love to play Minecraft and I find it to be a very interesting hobby, especially when I play it around people I enjoy talking and playing with.
  2. Helper App (Please only fill out if you are 13+) : In Game Name: JacJac129 Age: 13 Skype: Don't want to publicly post What experience do you have: I have had little experience moderating or in this case "helping" but i do know when and how to use the commands... And when people get out of hand or need some help I am usually the first to help. Why should I pick you: You should pick me because of my helpfulness, I also believe that I am "pretty" liked on the server and believe if I am picked I will maintain, to the best of my abilities, peace on the server. You should pick me because I really want to see this server to grow more than it already has. What sort of things are you going to help with, and why?I would try and help anyone that has been griefed. Mainly because no one really likes it and it should be taken care of in a responsible way. Example 1 - Someone joins and instantly wants help. What do you do? If I am not helping someone else ill help them to the best of my ability. If I cant help them that second or don't know how I will try to get someone that could help them or try and guide them as much as possible. Example 2 - People are having an argument and there is lots of spam and caps. What do you do? I would polity tell them to be quiet ad and try to get them to stop. If they do not stop I will first exercise my /jail ability, If the arguing continues to be out of hand i will temp /mute them until they cool down.