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  1. Check out this showcase video on my Shooting Range and Gun Shop for Flans Mod! Leave some feedback and don't forget to like and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KadCx8mR3Zw&feature=share&list=UUlk_EkGvA2s0ts1kytfA9kw
  2. GN: al3cks and angellkhaos REAL FIRST NAME: Alex and Angel CONTACT(skype, email, YTlink, etc): [email protected] or alecksrebane on Skype AGE:24 LOCATION: USA-WEST SIDE! (Cali) Pros: Good builder, easy to get along with, leadership oriented. Non Griefers or Trollers. Redstone Experience. Cons: This application is for me and my friend Angel. We play EVERY single day. Have just gotten back into FTB after being burnt out on Vanilla servers. We only play whitelist servers, (mature) because we avoid the briefers and trollers that come with open non whitelisted servers. We get along with EVERYBODY and usually like to be involved with other people in a community and not just isolated far far away. I know that we would be a great addition to the server and to the community. We look forward to being part of the team! =)
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