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  1. He meant MCPC CB 1.4 build. Meaning Bukkit+Forge. The thread is here - http://www.mcportcentral.co.za/index.php?topic=3998.0
  2. You have a cuter avatar than me :

  3. There are people who loved to solve some missing parts of minecraft by adding new stuff, but their objectives in life have changed. So i don't really see an issue with trying to make some cash off of his works; and punishing people for interfering with their business. With the bee stuff players may have lost their worlds, it was technics credibility that got hurt, not the mod - because most of the players don't even actually know the mod names in the pack or the whole concept of the pack itself. For them it's just Technic, not even Minecraft.
  4. You are lying by telling Sp0nge is lying. Get your facts straight.
  5. In more detail: 1. in MFFS the zapper and blockbreaker upgrades are disabled 2. in IC2 the macerator macerates blaze rods into 2 dust 3. in EE2 a. all tools that used emc on their right click have the emc cost in the config file b. all tools that break or place (merc eye) raise the blockbreak event and check for the iscancelled value c. phil ston also raises that event on all the blocks and the projectile shot onto the mobs raise that event on the mobs location air block. d. BHB and void ring dont suck normal items in when their in a container other than inventory, they still loot the b
  6. Says the only team that built a tnt cannot, oh the irony.
  7. You blocked (by the look of it intentionally) my farms spawn rate. mobs spawned only on the outer end so ofc i was mad. eu gen? it seemed like you had 0 prpoper emc generation before i gave u the rods. And you had 3-4 missing lights. But you did get ahead of me in the night (gmt zone). Seems like sp0nge changed my timers for the loop blaze aswell meh. The map is run on the same server as our main. Probably too little resources, so would need a dedi for this. Having some armor doesn't hurt. Especially when some ppl from your team killed me a few times in the nether. Killing
  8. neo - sorry about that, wanted to throw some arrows into bwb's butt but the homing arrows went for you instead and you had no armor on. ak - only way to get rm furn is from burning the tome. Which also means the game is pretty much over when someone is that far. And for the record your accusation is invalid. neo - what about the bridges? those were just for fun and to talk to each other, you cant walk over to the other side just like that. There are protections, alot of them. bwb - we wanted to make a pretty much no moderatoring map, and can't just disable rod maceration. With EE3 we can ed
  9. Don't spam the server with refresh or connecting. wait like 15 sec and then try to join. Unknown issue, but this seems to work.
  10. Fixed in 1.1. I added a counter that goes from 1 to 100.
  11. Mooooooooooo

  12. Use a filler/builder one a large area of trees and have water streams or retrievers under the ground to suck in the result. Then use another builder to replant the saplings you get. Easy-peasy
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