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  1. Weird. It's working now, and opening the api link in a browser used to work.
  2. Seems like the API's down. {"status":401,"error":"Request Unauthorized"}
  3. Works fine for everyone else but you. The problem must be on your end.
  4. Suggestion: Bring a bucket of oil, pour it against the side of the portal, and make yourself a nice safe spot in the middle of the lava ocean. (Oil affects lava like water, but isn't nullified by the nether.)
  5. Hiding the microblocks is a good thing - with them enabled (even hidden with NEI's setting) NEI becomes super slow in responding to searches and changing pages.
  6. I believe TC adds aluminum.
  7. Ok yeah I can see that - I probably wouldn't use TC much in Tekkit once I got a Power Gauntlet up and running. It's definitely low-end on the tech scale in comparison.
  8. Yes, but that was my point, their platform has had security issues that Technic hasn't, so I won't use their platform.
  9. Nope, never played FTB and don't intend to, unless they put it on the Platform.
  10. Is there any chance that Tinker's Construct might make it into Tekkit at some point? It's fairly recently been greatly improved over old versions, and I think it would be fun to have in. The level of tool customization is awesome, it adds more different ores (that aren't copper/tin again) and it even adds a couple ores to the nether.