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  2. Little late posting this one.
  3. A former friend of mine said that York Peppermint Patties are the Cadillac of candies. It was the one saving grace for this video update about some glitches I'm encountering with the Attack of the B-Team modpack.
  5. A fat cat soundtrack.
  6. And another.
  7. What do Minecraft, Nicolas Cage, and the movie "The Wicker Man" have in common? My first ever encounter with bees...
  8. Soundscape emotion.
  9. Next up: Party Pooper!
  10. Not sure how active this forum is, but thought I'd share this here. Over the years I've toyed with creating original music clips and songs for video projects, but I rarely ever found a fitting use for the tracks I did make; as such, it recently came to mind that I could release the small collection of tracks I accumulated for others to use - assuming they're of satisfactory quality, of course. So, basically I am uploading the tracks to YouTube for preview and including a link to download the featured track from my website. As of this posting, I have one such track available with another in the pipe to go out soon (I will update this thread as more tracks are added). Interested? Have a listen and if you like, feel free to use! Content usage rights are included in each video's description and on my website, but for your convenience:
  11. The mighty hammer of Thor stops for no man... or block.
  12. In this episode, we actually make a little progress with our Tinkers' Construct edeavor.
  13. Haha. Well thanks for the kind review, and of course for taking interest in my videos! I actually have been trying to give my videos more structure and direction, but once I start recording it seems like all the planning goes out the window and things just don't work - mostly my brain, that is... I do intend to try and tighten it up as best I can, though. On that note, here is Episode 2!
  14. Hello and welcome. As someone who's been playing Minecraft for less than two years (and is barely efficient at vanilla), you might imagine that mods are a bit daunting to me! Just watch my first attempt at Tekkit to find out... But, I recently looked into the Attack of the B-Team modpack and felt that it was a very interesting, well-organized pack which revived my interest in trying to learn to play modded Minecraft. I have released two episodes of my foray into B-Team so far and hope to continue making more (with luck... and maybe some help from you guys?), so please feel free to join me on my journey to higher learning! I'm sure there will be plenty of laughs, frustrations, and - of course - facepalms to share! Watch Attack of the B-Team Episode 1: Of course, if you're interested in adding a little Vanilla to your chocolate, then come check out the other series and videos on my channel at:!
  15. Bookmarked! Watched a little of the first one so far and it seems helpful.