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  1. IGN: jack3chu (no caps) Skype: jack3chu1 (I don't use it very often and it is very buggy on my computer ) Age: 14 - mature Why you want to join the server: I would like to join this server because I have been looking for a close knit community server like mindcrack or Hermitcraft. This server looks like it has that type of community! I also enjoy being able to show off my builds without having to hide them due to griefing! Looking forward to playing
  2. Your IGN: jack3chu (no caps) Your age: 14 - very mature attitude though A short blurb about why you want to play on this server (What you're looking for, what you'd be excited to do, etc.): I've always looked for a server with a closely bonded community such as mindcrack or hermitcraft. I've never been able to find a server like this that is just starting out and has AOTBT installed. I would consider myself a decent builder of all styles and I am pretty sufficient with red stone. I would be very excited to start building bases and building a spawn town with you guys. I would also be esp
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