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  1. minecraft username: Nisafei How you found out about this server? The technic forums, this post to be exact Why you want to be on this sever? The no griefing and whitelist What are you planning on doing on the server? Finding a cool area to hermit it up and build a cool project of some kind. Not exactly sure what yet, the terrain will decide! Your favourite minecraft mod? Thats a tough one, soo many awesome mods out there. I love carpenters blocks though, and I really enjoy thaumcraft..Ooh and Tinkers Construct. EDIT: If the server is closed (not sure what the TPPI is currently closed comment was in reference to) Then putting it up on the OP would be ideal, or getting the forum locked *nods* If it is not then disregard.
  2. In-game name: Nisafei Why would you like to join the server: I like no griefing, no PVP and stealing rules, and the fact its whitelist means those that are on it want to be there. I came from another server that sadly has died, but wish to find a new place to set up and let my imagination take over, hopefully I can drag a few friends along as well. Always nice to make new friends and I hope this server is new enough to last quite a long while (never fun getting into a new server and learning after a week or so they plan to move on)
  3. Im still playin TPPI, just having a lot of RL drama going on. I may have one more with me for TPPI as well sine she just got a new PC. But will keep an eye out if things are done with here. Ive no idea what the other pack has, but I really like what TPPI has, especially the balance changes.
  4. Huzzah! You are awesome Geistes. <3 Thank you very much for your efforts to enable us to continue playing.
  5. Yarp, seems down to me (3/2/2015 at 12:33 PST) But I am at a buddies place again so it very well could be my end *nods* Just an FYI for ya. Been doin RL stuffs and workin more hours to cover for a co worker. Hehe Not enough time to play all the games I want.
  6. Sweet stuff there. Just learned my RL friend's sister plays this pack haha, so we got to talk about it a bit XP. Thanks for the continued hard work. ^.^ EDIT: Guess my luck is just against me XD. Go to log in and its down, but its possible I just cant connect due to being at said friends house on their internet. *shrugs* But its all good, I had to do a check on UTC to PST time to see how different my time zone is. Its pretty drastic haha EDIT2: Eh seems up now, mighta just caught it during a restart or something. Huzzah!
  7. From my past experience with world corruption. The chunk in question is likely bad, and if anything is in that chunk loading it, the server will crash. Be it a player or of course a chunk loader. Im no expert though so its hard to say. Ive never messed with magic bees or gendustry. Not even sure what gendustry does exactly. No worries on my end though, it happens and its kinda nice not being the main culprit of a server crash/ corruption for a change (I seemed to be the main cause of it with my last group for some odd reason)
  8. Hrm, not sure if its my end or if the server is still down. Just posting it here in case it was fixed last night/this morning. The world didn't actually get corrupted this time around I take it?
  9. *gets ready to chuck an overly ripe tomato, then sets it to the side* Looks like a fun time with something involving that apiary, possibly. Though no worries on my end, since if another roll back occurred I haven't done anything recently. Sorry to hear that your bees have to go but maybe they will fix the issue eventually. So no worries.
  10. Well at least i know whats up with things being down hehe. Glad I haven't done much the past few days to worry bout a roll back. Also good to note that bee breeding may be an issue, though I haven't started working on bees yet. Hope to see the server back up soon, and thanks Geistes for keepin' it goin for us.
  11. It is currently down for me (4:29 pm PST) it is possible that at the last server restart, the server didn't restart properly. You will often reach end of stream after a little while of waiting when trying to log into a server that is down. Geistes will fix it sometime soon I imagine if the next restart doesn't.
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