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  1. Thank you for your application to become a member on our whitelisted server, but after consideration we will be rejecting you for the time being. Simply on the basis that we don't feel that you took the application seriously. We wish you the best of luck in finding a server that fits your requirements in the future - Chau
  2. ~ Gideon ~ ~Modded AOTB SMP Server~ Gideon is a 24/7 custom 1.6.4 Towny AOTB modpack server that is currently hosted in London (UK). The Server is currently whitelisted, but we are now accepting applications from players that wish to join our community. The server was created because many of us (current staff) was tired of joining servers that were down for more than 24 hours, had many younger players that kept whining when loosing their stuff, or was asking for items even when the map was bursting with resources. We are looking for applicants who are above the age of 16 (with exceptio
  3. So at the 20 th of feb. I posted on this thread to get member, and I got moved to member rank on the website, but im still classed as player (grey) in-game.... Is there something else i need to do to get member rank in-game also? - Chau10
  4. *In-game name: Chau10 *What do you think about the server: Have only been on for about an hour. but so far is seems like a really good server, friendly ppl and staff that are willing to help and who takes care of the server *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: So far, nothing from what I have experienced.
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