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  1. Name: ET4401 Skype: Don't have one yet, but if I'm accepted into the server, I'll gladly make and use one. Age: Thirteen Experience with Attack of the B-Team (1-10): 7.5. I've started mods like chisel, carpenter's blocks, T-Mechworks, T-Construct, thermal expansion and advanced genetics but still have ways to go. Favorite Mod: Carpenter's blocks, the morph mod, advanced genetics, and biomes o' plenty, because of all the possibilities. Sorry, I don't plan to record. Zaepora loves Ocelots! I like to build, fight, play with friends, pretty much love to do everything in
  2. IGN: ETPHO Age: 13 Skype: I don't have one yet but if I'm accepted I will create one soon. I plan to make a bunker base focused on tinkers' construct. I also will help others with some builds and make some community projects. Favorite mods: Tinkers' construct, advanced genetics, thermal expansion, chisel, tinkers' mechworks, and the chisel mod. Time: I've been playing Attack of the B-Team for about two or more months now. I've been part of a very inactive server with horrible connection, and has been down for a month now. I'm great with some mods, such as advanced genetics, t
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