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  1. Username: zuerchermn Age: 19 Skype (If U have One): NA Do Your Record?? Yes Or No: No If Yes Whats your Channel and : NA How Many Subs??: NA How Much experience Do You Have With The ModPack?? 1-10: 8 Are You A Builder, redstoner, Explorer, or all of them: Redstoner and explorer Are You A Good Builder?? 1-10: No!!! Are You Going to be Active??? Tell Me How Long/When you can/will come on: I will be very active, but work comes first! Will You ever Donate (Wont Affect Chances Of Getting Picked): Sorry, but no Will You Help The Community?: Defiantly! Why Should i pick you out of everyone else??: I love playing with other players, and I barely play single player anymore. In addition, I can basically guarantee that I will be building something for the community (Not a build, I would scare everyone away. Probably an utility.) In addition, I am very active.
  2. Minecraft name: zuerchermn What country do you live in? USA Do you have Skype? No Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? I do not have a youtube channel Age? 19 Acceptance of server rules? I accept of the stated server rules, including future additions, and realize that breaking of said rules can result in punishment. In addition, I will not make any silly excuses for my behavior such as "It was my little brother!", as this is my minecraft account and I am responsible for it. -- I had to throw the "It was my little brother!" part in because that excuse bothers me so much.
  3. Oh wait, I just realized the reason you don't have an application form is because you aren't a whitelisted server. I would be careful not being whitelisted, the chances of everyone following the rules are very low.
  4. Hey, could I join? You didn't provide an application, so here's my custom one: IGN (In-Game-Name): zuerchermn Why I want to join: Honestly, I miss being on a multiplayer server that is a small community. I want to have some fun with all the mods, and I really don't want to instantly be killed. Past experience: I've played on many small servers before, and even hosted one! Mod wise, I'm ok-ish. Random comment: Nope. No random comment. Oh wait.. Anyway, thanks for taking a look at this!
  5. In-Game Name: zuerchermn Age: 15 Why do you want to play on this server: I've been playing since this mod pack came out, but I've never found a fun server that doesn't say "raiding is allowed" etc.. Also, other big servers have many players on at a time, which causes lag and other issues. What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): I like to explore. And explore. And explore.. What DON’T you like to do: I don't like to build Experience with modpack (1-10): 5. I've spent lots of time on the modpack, but only in a few mods What is love: Loyalty Squirtle or Pikachu: Neither (I'm sorry Pokemon fans)
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