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  1. Hey guys, have you ever wanted to hide something to the point that nobody on your servers could get to it? Simply encase it with bedrock. Oh, is there no way to move bedrock? Well, think again... I've made this video showing how to move it. Enjoy:
  2. Hey guys, here I am again with the second episode of my Let's Build/Play. In this one I'll be building a mine and ore processing facility with some very nice automation. I'm trying to make videos of less than 10min so it is easier to watch and they won't be time consuming. I hope you all like it: I'll be happy if you guys could give me some feedback and recommend some improvements. See you on the next one =)
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to share this video here and ask for feedback. I would be glad to hear some suggestions. It has less than 10 minutes so it won't even be time consuming =) I'm trying out this youtube thing to make series and I decided to make one where I show what I build and how I make it useful to me. I hope you all enjoy it:
  4. Try creating a new work with the exact same name as the one that was deleted. It worked for me before. Don't ask me how that works...
  5. Just create a new word with the exact same name as the one that was deleted. It worked for me. Don't ask me how...
  6. Hey guys, ChimnySwift said in one of his episodes that he want to have a wireless player detector to see which player is in his base and I came up with this contraption. It is quite useful when you are messing up with the witchery mod and there are some witch hunters playing with you (aka Chimny and Skyzm) Here is a link to the video I made: I hope you all like it =)
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