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  1. Eh, well they only produce mobs when I'm right next to it. Thanks though
  2. My mob grinder is in my base, but I'm not always near it. Is there a way for the spawners to somehow detect me, even though I'm somewhat far away, so that they could always be producing mobs for my grinder? thanks.
  3. I saw in one of Chimneyswift's video a witch mob grinder setup. The spawners he was using were lined up three in a row, so I thought that there would have to be some way he obtained the spawners and placed them there. Is there a way to do this or did he cheat?
  4. IGN: alibertz Thermal expansion by far I'm more of a builder my self, but do enjoy all of the technical element in the mod. Still learning, but I have pretty solid understanding for the basics of the main mods. I'm 17 years old No Youtube. Thanks!
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