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  1. IGN: alextucker Ag: 16 Experience level: I have played MC for a long time and have good experience on most mods in this pack What you are looking for in a server: A community where I will not be harassed or greifed as with most open servers
  2. 1. How old are you?16 2. Where do you live? London 3. Are you new to mods? No 4. What do you plan on doing on the server? Building and playing with the mods 5. How much do you play? Whenever i get bored, usually about 1-2 hours a day 6. Do you record for youtube? No 7. What is your Skype name? alexrtucker 8. Have you been banned from a server before? If Yes, why was you banned? No 9. Why do you want to join my server? I want a small nice community to play in 10. Do you accept the rules? Of course 11. What is your minecraft name? alextucker
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