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  1. age:im 15 minecraft ign:skyblue242 i do not have youtube. yes im willing to donate i have pretty good understanding of the mods i am an explorer/builder DINOSAURS
  2. Minecraft:skyblue242 age:14 i have lots of expirence with atack of the b team favorite mod:openblocks record:nope Because i was on a previous server but it went down and ive wanted to be on one ever since. What else you should know about me:I like modded mc more than vinilla and hate to collect resources.
  3. my username is skyblue242. I am applying to this because i've always wanted to be in a minecraft community like this. My favorite mod in the pack is either tinkers construct or the morph mod. i am probably a explorer but i can build. I know the mods pretty well.I am 13 and no utube.
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