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  1. Minecraft name? Legend_Shift What country do you live in? USA, actually in Texas, just east of Houston. Skype name? Shifter.DC Do you upload to Youtube? No. Channel? N/A Age? 26 Acceptance of server rules? Yes.
  2. Hello, looking for a stable AotB-T server to play on where I can work within a community. IGN Legend_Shift, age 26.
  3. App: IGN: Legend_Shift What is your favorite mod in the pack? OpenBlocks, Tinkers' and MFR Are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? Builder / Tech How well do you know the mods? I know most of the mods and how they work except not much experience with Galacticraft or Witchery. Age: 26
  4. IGN: Legend_Shift How is the server?: Really good, no lag, nice helpful community. Any suggestions?: Berry bushes / Apple trees by spawn for new players to get food. People have been starving to death looking for a place to start up.
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