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  1. I knew I forgot something Have you read the rules and know that you will get banned for breaking them?: I have read the rules and I know I will get banned for breaking them.
  2. Minecraft Username: Quantum_Ninja911 (my mc name is different to my forums login Age: 13 I Am very mature though Why You Want To Play On This Server: I think that this server is a sociable, fun server that has kind staff and members which is the exact kind of server I'm looking for. How Did you find This Server?: I simply searched good attack of the b-team server and this one came up. Have you ever been banned from other servers?: No. How well do you know the mods?: I am experienced with a fair amount of the mods in this modpack so I may be of help to staff. How often do you play?: I will probably be on this server at least for half an hour each day. ?: Why do you think you should be accepted to the server?: I dont know, I think that its completely up to staff to accept or deny me. RolePlay name: Dr.Quantum (Edward Quantum) RolePlay character story: In the nineteenth century there were an elite band of assassins, they were out to kill the ruler of the time King George III as the assassins were getting ready to strike a time pod appeared, in it were four highly trained ninjas from the future. Edward Quantum jumped at the ninjas effectively killing two with his dagger but two remained the one in black which looked like the others and the one in white who looked like the leader, Edward threw his knife at the remaining black one then jumped into the pod with the white one hoping to destroy the technology but what happened was almost the opposite. On the way back to the present the time pod decomposed both bodies then put them back together as one effectively giving edward the powers and knowledge that the white ninja had. Long story I know but please accept me this server sounds great :D