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  1. Fun survival server. Needs tweaking but it definitely has a great baseline. I look forward to seeing this one grow. Me and my brother both play this one.
  2. To fix your ID mismatches, copy the client config to the server config. The solve the missing block IDs, go into the config and change the blocks in question to an unused block number. Usually if you look for the lowest/highest block in the config file with the missing item and then choose a number 1 or 2 higher for the missing blocks, it'll fix it.
  3. Also, take out the texture pack for a faster download. Slow downloads will discourage people from playing. Edit: I take that back. The texture pack looks like a modified Sphax one so it's pretty inclusive. I personally won't be using it though.
  4. PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE host your client pack on dropbox or slim it down. I've been downloading it for 5 mins and only got 10%... Where ever it's being hosted, it's terrible.
  5. If you can't get in, close the launcher completely and reopen it. It might require an update. I update the pack regularly as needed.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to posting public servers but not to making them. I just created a new modpack that I think adds a lot of functional and fun things to the Tekkit experience. The server is up 24/7. There are 20 slots but, capacity is flexible if we outgrow that number. You must be the kind of player who is ok with a little PvP. We aren’t excessively aggressive and we play fair. We also have a vending “Marketplace” that you can trade goods for other goods with the main currency being iron ingots. The Marketplace is protected by Worldguard. If you have any suggestions or improvements, please po
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