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  1. Upcoming release for July: Class system: We will be implementing a class system in which each class will have access to various parts of game play. Dont worry you can freely switch between classes all you want by doing a quest and gathering a few mats that class uses. Each class will be tailored to a play style and will have all needs met in a way that the class would enjoy in that mode of game play. The classes are as follows: Adventuerer: Tinkers construct specialist with steelworks and metallurgy. Crawl through dungeons, build armor, swords and other crazy weapons. Find lots of treasures and all kinds of loot as you battle your way past various challenges and dungeons. Tinker: Master of all machines, uses modular power armor for all its protective and tooling needs. Access to automated machines to extract minerals from the world and build amazing machines and data warehouses. Alchemist(Thaumist) Good old thaumcraft specialist (maybe forestry too if I can keep the buffer from overloading). Use Thaumcraft, poitoins, and growthcraft to create wondrous gathering machines to continue to build on your knowledge of thaum! Mage: Use ars magica to create spells for yourself and go adventuring using the spells you create. As always we are always looking for ways in which to improve the server so your mod suggestions are very much appreciated!
  2. Added Atomic Science, Jammy's Furniture Mod, Harvestcraft, Growthcraft, ComputerCraft, Mutant Monsters, Better Dungeons, Infernal Mobs, Morph, Aquaculture, Carpenter's Blocks, Open Blocks, Vending Blocks. Thanks to all of our users and all their fantastic feedback and requests to help our community grow and improve!
  3. Mod pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nephilimia.218955 Server Address: http://nephilimia.com:25564 ProjectRed - Mekanism - Iron Chests - Thermal Expansion -Tinkerers Construct - Not Enough Items - Galacticraft - ICBM - Hats - Buildcraft - Biomes O Plenty - Artifice - Archimedes Ships - Bibliocraft - Buildcraft - Tools - TreeCapitator - MrCrayFish Furniture Mod - Damage Indicators - Mo' Creatures - Atomic Science - Jammy's Furniture Mod - Harvestcraft - Growthcraft - ComputerCraft - Mutant Monsters - Better Dungeons - Infernal Mobs - Morph - Aquaculture - Carpenter's Blocks - Open Blocks - Vending Blocks McMMO - Vault - Essentials - BossShop - SaveIt - Towny About Us: The world of Nephilimia has been around for a while as a bukkit sever, but we have now branched out and added a Technic server based on the popular Moonquest series. We removed a couple mods and added in a couple others. We offer a new server just looking for users to help us build the backbone of our community. Bring your friends, establish a town and build your way to the Moon and Mars. Establish alliances with other towns and set up trade routes or start a war and plunder the other town. Banned Items: So far we dont have any banned items. Quarries are allowed but not on using them on towns your not a member of, or on other people's plots. As for anything else, whatever is available is free game! Expected uptime: We run a 24/7/365 server with a 99% uptime. However we are subject to occasional rare power outages or the possible isp outage, but those are rare at best. Whitelist/Greylist: For now we are running an open sever. We will continue to run an open server until we are forced to go with a list. Give us a try and share your feedback both here and on our forums at http://nephilimia.enjin.com. There you will find a number of useful tools to communication with our community with a chat room, forum and news boards. Feel free to ask any questions or request any tutorial for anything on the server, we are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Any questions that are asked will likely help other people on the server. Currently there are 2 towns, the spawn town of Bavarinheim and Agapa Pona. Bavarinheim is an open town that anyone can join to gain protection. Cheap housing is available in town so you can get protection for your items while you save up to start your own town. You also get access to all kinds of bonuses, such as factory smelters and such. You can see screen shots of the towns below. Bavarinheim: Agapa Pona:
  4. Nephilima is a MMO style Technic server. We have town systems for pvp and anti griefing, a global shop and Galacticraft so you can go to the moon or mars! Come join the server, build a town, invite your friends and battle other towns! Check us out on the web at http://Nephilimia.enjin.com to learn more. Direct connect to us at nephilimia.dyndns.org:25564 Mods: ProjectRed v4.2.1.16 Mekanism v6.0.0.10 Iron Chests Thermal Expansion v3.0.0.2 Tinkerers Construct v1.5.3 Not Enough Items v1.6.1.8 Galacticraft v2.0.11.978 ICBM v1.3.4.289 Hats Forge Buildcraft v4.2.2 Biomes O Plenty v1.2.1.416 Artifice v243 Archimedes Ships Bibliocraft Buildcraft Tools v1.4 TreeCapitator MrCrayFish Furniture Mod v3.2.7 Damage Indicators Mo' Creatures v6.0.1 Plugins Vault Towny BossShop Essentials McMMO SaveIt
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