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  1. Thank you to those who have signed, and please do if you haven't already. Share this with all the Voltians you know so we can get up to 75!
  2. If you want to put Mekanism back in, sign this petition and show you're serious about it. This is for the good of voltz, and it should be done. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/872/765/227/the-voltzians-petition-for-readding-mekanism/
  3. What I wish for: Mekanism What I realistically want: Better mod compatibility and better ways to make early game energy.
  4. On my computer, the game launches fine. But on my friends, it immediately crashes after it launches. It doesn't even get to the mojang logo. My computer is a mac pro, and my friends is a imac. Hope you can fix this!
  5. Ok, PLEASE STICK WITH ROTARYCRAFT! Im sorry, I was being a hypocrite after 3.0 not working. I really, really, like it. Oh, just a question, why isn't galacticraft mars installed? Just wondering. Keep up the good work!
  6. PLEASE put Mekanism back in, rotarycraft just isn't the same. I miss my enrichment chambers and solar panels already
  7. I completely agree. And thanks for the tip about mad science, you're a life saver
  8. Soon, I hope. I want to play my favorite mod pack without it crashing every time I launch it.
  9. Just a few quick things that I hope you guys will fix. I run a Voltz server and would like to see it working again. I can't even get into Voltz, it gets as far as the Mojang logo and then crashes. I noticed that a few people had this issue too. Also, I would like to see Mekanism put back in. We have relied on its simplicity and ease of use as well as its machines for a while now. I don't know what ill do without my early game solar panels and enrichment chambers, but it'll be much harder. I hope these issues will be resolved, and I hope to see it up and running soon. Thanks! TNTisreallycool
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