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  1. Name: Kenneth IGN: Jejle Age: 27 Favorite Tekkit Mod: Thermal Expansion or Buildcraft. I can't decide ^^ What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? Hanging out with friends Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a pretty normal guy, abit shy maybe. Besides my job in a supermarket, I spent most of my time with my friends, either online or irl. I enjoy watching sports, mostly football (soccer) and Tv-shows. I'd say Tv-shows are my poison, when ever there's a new episode out, I have to watch it ^^ Tell us about something you like about yourself: Hmm. These kind of things are always the hardest to write. I'd say my sense of humor. My willingness to help or understand other people Tell us about something you don't like about yourself: I tend to go spent to much time on the little things. And I don't like my hair.
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