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  1. IGN : DantexPain also there is MadDogTen and Bremo93. Bremo93 hasnt logged in yet though.
  2. Hey everyone, this server is actually dead. No worries though! We are still running but we are a little different. We are now known as the Global Network and are running 1.1.10 tekkit. If you want to go ahead and apply there, we will take a closer look at your applications!
  3. The GlobalNetwork -Introduction- Welcome to the Global Network. Who are we? We are a small community of individuals that has come together over the years and is now looking to expand our community. We are located all over the world, from places like Germany to Brazil to United States. Our mission: Bring together other Minecrafters and gamers into a network that will have a life that extends well beyond the prime years of Minecraft, however, that is our primary medium of gaming at this time. Currently we are running Tekkit 1.1.10. We are not vanilla. -Where did we come from?-
  4. Age : 20 Location : Denver Build Style : Small houses or pleasant looking structures with large underground labs. Why you want to join : I love small servers because of the good communities that can be created from them. I really enjoy working with other people and cooperating on large projects. I also enjoy living near other people if possible. MineCraft Name : DantexPain
  5. In Game Name: DantexPain Age: 20 Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned? Nope Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? Adds a lot of different ways to build and get mats. I like the logistics and AE systems that you can create Why this server? I want to play on a small server with people I can get to know well Would you be potentially willing to donate to the server? It depends on how much I like the server
  6. Hey guys! I just wanted to give a quick review of this server. I have been playing tekkit for about a year and half now, and this has got to be one of the best small servers I have ever played on. This server is community based and has a lot of good people on it right now. So far I haven't encountered anything that I would say has been to my dissatisfaction. I would encourage people who enjoy communities and meaningful play to apply to this server. The Owner is a very intelligent and kind individual that listens to the players when they have suggestions and makes changes accordingly. The mode
  7. IGN - DantexPain Age - 19 Played since - 1.1 Beta Have you read this whole post? It would seem so.
  8. Not sure I could recommend CoreProtect. It does offer tekkit compatibility, but it is also very demanding. Notice that it was designed for large servers, so smaller ones should stay away from it. The last 3 times I have tried to install this plugin, it has cause major server lag to the point were my server was unplayable. If you run a smaller server, I would recommend watchdog simply because its easier on the server, even if it does not offer full role back capability. Here are a few of my recommendations: Plugin Name: ChestRestock BukkitDev Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ch
  9. Hey I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the server is a GRAY-LIST. That means that you can join, then when we like you, which doesn't take must, we promote you to a rank that allows you to build on the server. If we really like you, we will let you start a "server project". If you are having trouble connecting, then please make sure the you set your manual build to 3.1.2 . We are running on this version number and any version below the most recent one will disconnect you. I hope to see you all on the server!
  10. Well the portal gun mod is not multi-player yet, so that's why your tekkit crashed. Anyway, no, there is no way to use the portal gun mod in multi-player tekkit, although one of the players on my server got it to work in his single player tekkit world.
  11. Brilliant Deduction as always Henry
  12. Alright, so I know this argument has been going on for a long time, and that a lot of people have different opinions on the matter, but I really want someone to try to convince me that EE is actually not over powered and that it is actually good for a server. I'm not trying to attack the tekkit staff or the modder who created it, as it really is an awesome mod, but I'm concerned that it of sets the balance of the mod pack. Here are my arguments against EE: 1. Its destructive nature - A lot of the items in EE are very powerful and possibly give players on a server the abilities to destro
  13. Are you guys using the Quarries in protected areas?
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