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  1. Theres no dupe fixes for the main tekkit that i can find no one seems to use tekkit anymore.... ftb
  2. These forums have gone to shit. Theres nothing but a bunch of 12 year olds whining bout not being able to use a modpack while there too lazy to google it.

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    2. TheBytemaster


      wull i dunno but do you have my free cape because i was told there were FREE CAPES and i want my free cape do you have it because no one else has it and WHERE is my free cape because i want it or else ill tell notch that u didn't give me my free cape and he will ban you from minecraft so gibe me my free cape

    3. LuxuryMushroom


      Free capes where :p?

    4. Valkon


      Your back, presumably.

  3. I'd be interested in what modpacks you want to run before I help you out. I also can help with the hosting a ;little bit I have access to get a dedi very cheap.
  4. Hey If you want to host your modpacks on solder but cant figure it out just send me a pm and I'll get you set up.
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