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  1. Hello, I have a little problem with the technic launcher. I recently updated from java 6 to java 7 (update 51), at first it broke my minecraft/technic. But that fixed itself. Now I have a different problem: every time I try to log in into the launcher it says: "An error ocurred while attempting to reach minecraft.net". The weird thing is: Vanilla mc, the FTB launcher and an old version of the launcher i have on my pc all worked. No problems. But the new launcher doesn't. (I have tried reinstalling the launcher: impossible, because i cant log in.) Any help would be apreciated Thanks in advance.
  2. I did this. now i cant play ftb AND i cant play online on normal mc. :/ it also prevented me from using the ftb launcher. tried installing different versions of java, didnt work.
  3. Nice server you got there! IGN: superjug123 What is your favorite mod in the pack?: Probably feed the b-team or mindcrack are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis?: The builder. (im also a builder on the World of Keralis server. if that rings a bell) How well do you know the mods?: pretty good Age: 15 Youtube: Captain Mcderp
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