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  1. IGN:AssasinKat2 AGE:18 what makes you want to join the server:i want a nice place to build without getting griefed what could you bring to this server?:some nice looking buildings community held a grand forge maybe skype: Ben(dot)Borley1 how active will you be on the server?:ill try to be on alot although i can't be on during school hours becuase of college
  2. IGN:AssasinKat2 Age:16 Gender:boy Country:Canada specialism:all of the tinkerers mods ,chisel and statue
  3. it only one s on the second part otherwise it won't let me on:(
  4. IGN:AssasinKat2 why would i be a good addition to the server: i love to build random misc redstone contraptions and trap and im helpful with other stuff Age:15 (16 in 9 days)
  5. IGN:AssasinKat2 Skype:benadrit Youtube:don't have one Best minecraft talent:Massive redstone machines (such as the fridge trap) Age:15 close to 16 Anything else:i like to just build random redstone contraptions^^^^^^^^^^
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