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  1. IGN-wesleyqazxsw Age-21 Something About Me- I played this modpack when it first came out and then stopped a while back and just remembered how fun it was the other day and would love to play with a group of people.
  2. Position you're applying for? Co-Owner or Admin - How long have you played minecraft? B-team? I have played Minecraft for about 5 years and B-Team since it was announced on youtube which was in February i believe. - Age? 21 - Have you been staff before? I have been an admin on a few servers before that have now shut down. I have also been an owner before as well. The reason i am no longer an owner is because my ISP does not allow me to host these servers, which is ridiculous, and i cant afford a hosting service. - How often will you come online? Between 2 to 6 hours a Day. Always after 4 P.M. and before 8 A.M. CST - Any other skills? I have been pretty good at building a spawn area that is user friendly. I have a lot experience with plugins, both adding them to a server and maintaining them i.e researching things for anti-griefing plugins to find a griefer and have them punished and or banned. - Why do you deserve the position? Now that I no longer have my own server I have a lot of time to commit to a server. I am very dedicated and will complete any task that is given to me in a timely manner. I am very mature and have experience with taking a bad situation and resolving the problems respectfully for both parties. I enjoy helping other people with their minecraft problems rather than just sitting down and building my own things. - Anything else? I would say my greatest achievement would be building a 100x100 spawn area filled with shops, portals, and event areas. Thanks in advance for reviewing my application, i look forward to your desicion
  3. IGN-wesleyqazxsw Age-21 Why you Want to Join-used to play AotBT back when it first came out and even hosted my own server. I am now just trying to find a server to try and get back into it. I am a very active member and would be on a couple hours a day. Got Skype(optional)?-yes If so then Username (I need to send IP)-wesleyqazxsw
  4. update to the whitelist to include lunarembrace KnightZeta roostevaba123 Linkthehuman darkvoiddude shemper_4shw squidge0122 the white list is now full and no longer accepting applications
  5. updated whitelist to include Murr0618 bungernut sircreeper56 xekratos x1tdawg3x DarksoulGaming
  6. sorry i forgot to reset the server so the white list wasnt updated. should be good now
  7. Updated Whitelist to Include m00ss wixo Kaboomx jerry_lp My2spider2 BaconatorMaker xbulletx11 davidpineda Revol187 kothar Blast_Kingdom
  8. Updated Whitelist to include Vash281 METALSNAKE9 Aschi3 epicus_the_kid muteplay Jessnbuck31 mcferry
  9. Adding To Whitelist Summary: Starting a new MATURE server for a small community based group of players. Specs: 6 core AMD processor 10GB RAM dedicated to server. IP: Rules: PVP is on but be reasonable with it. Respect other peoples signs (I.G. if some one has a shop) No Griefing No Advertising Respect Owners and Admins Application: IGN: Why you would be a good addition to the server: Age: I cant wait to see some of you in the game! I also need 2 Moderators, So if you would like to become a Moderator mention it in your application and include your Skype username.
  10. Hey let me know if you need any staff members I would. E more than happy to help out around the server.
  11. IGN: wesleyqazxsw Why do you wish to join the server?: i have been looking for a server where i can start making youtube videos of minecraft with. i currently have a youtube channel but i dont have minecraft on it, it only has real life videos that some friends and I have made with my go pro. I am very talkative and i can always find a way to keep conversations going, which I belive this talent would go well with commentaries and things like that. I would say i am a decent builder in minecraft but a very fast learner of the new mods. i would also like to join this server so i can learn from people who already have experience with minecraft videos. I edit videos for my friends so i know how to edit just need content for my page. How often will you be on? I would be on almost every day from around 6 P.M. and usually play till around 3 or 4 A.M. CST How often will you create episodes? I would plan on making episodes at least once a week, I would really be shooting for around 2 or 3 a week depending on how demanding the task will be. Would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episodes?: yes, i currently love doing collaborative builds with some friends of mine on another server. Provide a link to a previously created YouTube Episode/Series: i dont have any minecraft videos but if you would like to see some videos on my channel the link is: https://www.youtube.com/user/wesleyqazxsw I look forward to hearing back from you!
  12. Name: wesleyqazxsw Age bracket: 20-25 TZ : CST Best thing you ever built: 100x100 town center area at spawn Why this server?: Just Now getting in on Attack of the b team and the server i just joined went down. looking for a tight nit group of people i could call friends to collaborate with and build amazing things!
  13. IGN: wesleyqazxsw Age: 20 Reason I Would Like To Join: Tired of playing with immature people in open servers who grief everything. New to these mods and looking for a good server where I can learn from other people and help others where I can. I get online mainly in the evenings almost every day. I love building village like areas with other people. I hope to here back from you with a response!
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