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  1. I am looking to start a public Attack of the B-team server. This server is hosted by mcprohosting. I need mature, serious and fun staff to help me run it! Enter the world of Apheros, where players will be able to enjoy a fully immersed world of minecraft. My goal is to help every person who plays Apheros believe they are really a part of a living realm, complete with factions, mcmmo, pvp, pve and much more! There will be established and player created towns, cities, mythology and more! Positions: 1 Co-Owner (experienced) 1 Admin (Experienced) 1 Plugin Manager (Experience
  2. I am looking to start an Attack of the B-team server. This server is hosted by mcprohosting. I need mature staff to help me run it! Positions: 1 Co-Owner (experienced and fund contributor) 1 Plugin Manager 2-3 Builders Just to get started. Rules: NO Griefing NO Spamming NO Hacking NO Advertising Raiding is allowed, but not encouraged. Pvp is allowed This post will be periodically updated! You: - Position you're applying for? - How long have you played minecraft? B-team? - Age? - Have you been staff before? - How often will you come onl
  3. So I'm the admin on a b-team server, and i was building a wicked spawn. All of the sudden apparently the chunk is broken and now i've lost the perfect area and all of my build progress. In one part of the chunk there is purple pixels (that look like the ones around a nether portal) which even shows on the map! Whenever i attempt to re-enter the area, the server crashes. I need to know how to fix this, as the server memory isn't large enough to search for a new area, plus i don't want to lose all of that progress! Please, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, you'd make my month! Than
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