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  1. No problem I still think if someone is going to make a modpack that they should start from scratch and put in the time and effort that people like me, i know i haven't done anything compared to the creators of the mods but still... Im aware of the ability to bypass tinkers construct and it doesn't bother me it will stop people asking me how to make tools in tinkers construct Yeah have fun when you start with machines I guessed you were Darkth. Glad you like the server i have been trying to make it as lag free as i can but im not sure if i have succeeded i will let the players decide, im currently working on another modpack bringing all the old mods back from 1.4.7
  2. The small islands are flat and boring but the big islands are the ones with more detail, some people like me have towns that will happily allow you and your friends to join. If you don't like the islands because they are flat I might consider making a mystcraft world with floating islands fpr people to make homes on, how does that sound? No its not a pvp server. And about making a server I would rather you started from the start like I had to as I took my time in making it so the game is hard to get to endgame and there seems to be nothing causing crashes at the moment =) and it just seems a bit cheap just taking someone's modpack and just running your own server. That brings me onto the other thing you said about the game not being hard... Well most people like to machines and that part of the game is much harder also to be able to mine ores you need to level up a tinkers construct pickaxe to be able to mine certain things. This has been written on a tablet sorry if there is any mistakes =)
  3. I will put up a picture of the mods folder later, glad you like the server and modpack, make sure you check out the website for your starter kit
  4. Click here and follow instructions at the top: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/diabolic.284161 Mods list: The modpack has been made to make it much harder to get to endgame and this has been done by adding gregtech to make the cration of machines a pain, and also by adding hunger overhal and Iguana tweaks for tinkers construct which makes it so you need to level up tools through Tinkers construct which will then allow you to mine certain things. The diabolic modpack has its own server that everyone is welcome to join as long as you follow the simple rules at spawn, the overworld is custom made which means that there isn't going to be any modded ores but that is ok as we have a portal to the Mining world where you should place your quarry and also there is a portal to the end. There are traders setup around the spawn to swap money for items, to get money you need to go to the bank and trade mob heads. Picture of the world map [14000x14000]: Q: Can i have the server files for me and my friend? R: No Q:Why does my game keep crashing? R:Allocate more ram, if it still happens tell someone on the website: http://diretech.enjin.com/diabolic Q:Do you have a website? R:Yes, here is a link http://diretech.enjin.com/diabolic Q:Can i use a different map mod? R:Yes if you add it yourself. Q:Did this used to be Forgecraft 3+ R:Yes but i decided it was to easy to get to endgame so i made this
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