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  1. Hello! Life name is Daniel, but MC Username is: MCMonkeyGamer97! Age: 16 I will play every chance I can weekdays and weekends. I am a fair player, and I also am a huge fan of Mindcrack myself so I realize the rules. I am very respectable with other players! I can help them out if I know how, and I will always ask permission before going to other bases and using their stuff only with their permission! Hope to play with you soon! -MCMonkeyGamer97
  2. Hey I have recently been stuck whenever I log into the server! I was a regular player until my I was in my Archimedes Ship when the server restarted! If someone can reply to me, and try to move my player to /warp 1 spawn that would be amazing! -MCMonkeyGamer97 (also my player name)
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