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  1. you have been added to the whitelist, the IP is
  2. you have been added to the whitelist the IP is
  3. i just noticed i added your name wrong, it has been fixed welcome to ther server
  4. email [email protected] and give me your minecraft username, i will give you the IP also tell your friends to post application here.
  5. application: IGN: servusmortis age... 22 how often will you play on the server? a lot:P apart from weekends, every day are you willing to play fair? absolutely, I'm looking for this type of server! will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? certainly, as a builder myself, i enjoy seeing other players build cool stuff! also, got a couple of quick questions: do you have some info about the server? specs etc? do you intend to keep the server smallscale? cheers! Servus email [email protected] gi
  6. Rules: just play fair. be treated how you want to be treated pranks are fine, i wont tell you how to play minecraft, just play the way you would want others to play with you. this server will be based on the honors system, thats why its whitelisted. application: age... how often will you play on the server? are you willing to play fair? will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? a little information about the server... this server is largely based off of mindcrack. I want to be able to trust the players on my server, thats why its whitelisted, there are NO plugins
  7. i am currently using the reccomended version, and i think re downloading the pack will work as i have tried it with my last world, however it will only work for a little while before the same issue occurs, and id prefer to not have to redownload all my minecraft stuff every time i want to log onto my world.
  8. I have been having strange issues with my worlds constantly crashing on attack of the b team, i can create a new world, and play it as long as i want..the first time. if i quit the game and then try to get back on my world, it instantly crashes as soon as i choose my survival world. every time. i have made a new world 3 times and its always the same case, works as long as i want the first time i play on the world, then instantly crashes every time i choose that world from that point on. here is the crash report.. ble->Available->Available MineFactoryReloaded{1.6.2R2.7.5} [MineFa
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