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  1. hi I would love to join IGN:PuffHamster Skype:PuffHamster Age:14 Why I want to join: I'm a really good at building and being a good kind of person and I am very understanding and I love community servers What I want to be: Co-Owner if that's ok well that's what it says in your post Hope to talk to you soon
  2. that's so cool people are using my application set up and I'm younger than all of you that shows who takes there time
  3. APPLICATION IGN: PuffHamster Age:14 hope that dose not affect me getting in. I'm mature I just dislike when people talk about stuff that should not be talked about. Why I want to be apart of the server:I'm always happy, I like to help, im pretty good builder, and i'm agents all greifing and stealing. Am I familiar with Attack of the B-Team: Yes I am I have been playing it sense it came out. What mods am I the best at: Tinkers Construct, and Carpenter's block mod Will you respect other player,stuff, and Builds: Yes, most defiantly. How long have I played Minecraft: 2 years and have never been banned Have I ever made it into any other whitelisted servers: Yes, I have been in three different servers How much will you be able to play: 1 to 3 hours a day accept Sunday What is my Skype: PuffHamster
  4. Dear, HunnyBunz Here is my application from me to you . Application: 1.How old are you:14 2.IGN: PuffHamster 3.What is your Skype: PuffHamster 4. Why do you want to be apart of this server: I think I can be a good friend to all the players, I can help anyone who needs help. I want to make your server better and fun, and to make wonderful builds. 5.Have I ever been banned from a server: No hope to never be banned. 6. When can you play?: Almost every day for 1 to 3 hours. 7.What makes me think I should be added to the server: I think I can be added because everyone needs a happy and friendly person on your server and I'm a good builder. 8.What mods are you good at: Tinkers' Construct, and Construction mod. 9. how good are you with the mods in attack of the B-Team: I'm pretty good at almost all of them. 10.are you I willing to play fair: Yes ! I am also apart of one other whitelisted server. 11. will I respect other players, there stuff, and there builds: Yes I will hope to always be on the good side of people.
  5. Dear, Browning 1. How old are you: I'm so happy I'm actually 14 I have been sense November 2. IGN: PuffHamster 3.Whats your Skype: PuffHamster 4.Why do you want to join: I think I can be a good friend, a leader if necessary, and or a helper. I want to make your server a fun place, and to be by making wonderful builds and many more:) 5.Have you ever been banned from any other server: nope, I'm what you call a good boy 6.When can you play?: every day for 3 to 1 hour other then Sunday 7.what makes you think you should be added to the server: I think I can be added because everyone needs a happy and a friendly person on the server and I'm a good builder and I will make a bunch of shops. what I want to add: 1.What mods are you good at: Tinkers' Construct and Construction mod. 2.How long have you played Minecraft: 2 years 3. How good are you with the mods, not at all, good, or expert: Good
  6. they need to make it so you can make armor molds and put modifiers on the armor on tinkers' construct please tell the mod maker :}
  7. I need help if some one can host a server please tell me if you can and if so the ip. I need it whitelisted and I need to be the owner
  8. IGN:PuffHamster Age:14 Skype: PuffHamster Time Zone: Western Favorite mod: Morph Mod by IChum How well do I know the mods: I know them pretty good. are you better at building, exploring, or tech genius: I'm more of a builder a pretty good one if I do say so my self. YouTube: Puff Hamster Why do you want to be apart of this server: I'm good at building and I hope to be a good friend to all on the server. I hope there is a spot open for me. I'm very mature, and responsible. I hope to be apart of this server soon.
  9. IGN: PuffHamster What is you favorite mod in the pack? Carpenters mod are you a builder, explorer,or tech genius? definitely a builder How well do you know the mods? pretty good Age: 14 YouTube: Puff Hamster
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