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  1. Have you tried updating to 1.0.9c already? Btw, there's a community forum set up, which will be a lot easier to communicate. Please visit and create an account. Then, post something in the New Members forum and I'll set you up with 'player' rights, so you can access the rest of the community threads.
  2. Ok, we're running on MCPC+ now. Together with the Opis mod. Great stuff!
  3. That looks like something I can really use! Can you tell me how to install this on my B-Team server? (do players also need to install this?)
  4. I've got 6gig RAM running on it. Can you tell me where I need to check in the config file for things like these active chunks (etc)? I'd stay away from Optifine, since it's not compatible with all of the available mods :-) Thanks for your advice!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm running a (rented) server with Attack Of The B-Team. However, it can get really laggy and occasionally goes down. I'm wondering if there any tips & tricks you have for me to improve the quality? Perhaps there are third-party mods or extensions that I could install to aid the server (for instance: check all dropped items and remove them,...) I'm using Nitrado as my hosting provider. Many thanks in advance! Cheers
  6. Is there also a command to see the amoiunt of dedicated RAM your server is currently using?
  7. Updated the first post. Check back regularly for news and updates. The server will be update to 1.09c at earliest.
  8. You got the last spot :-) Just tell me your ingame name.
  9. Hi Guys, An update: Some people were talking about a bit of lag with more people only (which is understandable). Therefore, I've upgraded the server with an extra gig of RAM memory. It SHOULD perform better now :-) Again, since I'm not familiar with this host, I appreciate all feedback and suggestions ofcourse. I'm adding Cmdr_pain and AuraDigital99 as final members to the community. The server is then considered 'full'. Also: for quick communication, people can add me on Skype. Search for Jochen Panjaer (the dude with the guitar)
  10. I'll try and look into it ASAP. On a side note: how is the server holding up? Any lag / stuttering / disconnects? edit: I did a chunkfix on the server and I'm able to login and fly to x150 z-150
  11. Let me know your ingame name and I'll add you to the whitelist. As for voice: we could all use Skype or Teamspeak?
  12. Hey that's cool. Could you let me know your ingame-name and possibly your skype (if applicable) as well? I have honestly no clue what to expect for lag. I'm working with a new server provider and I have little experience with players from the US. We'll just have to wait and see. Let me know how your connection to the server is going :-) One thing you'll experience is the difference in time zones. Although for a game as Minecraft it isn't that big of a concern :-)
  13. Yes, I will do that. This post should be considered more of a "warning" when using Optifine.