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  1. Got question, is there a way to make Liquid XP (the one from Liquid XP mod) compatible with XP Shower from openblocks ?
  2. New update to project red, they fixed cpu usage now!
  3. Please update Project Red to 4.3.4#29, they fixed memory leak there
  4. Yes i today went to hard clay biome, that is near that chunk and server get stuck, and now i cant log in
  5. my ingame name is same as on forum: mmalyska I think skype is a good option because it didnt require any server (no more additional costs), and it have a good voice quality. Also my skype: m.malyska
  6. Hi, Im fom Poland, and I'm 22yo. I played tekkit (with Galactiraft), and lately I'm playing Attack of the B-Team SP, and I would love to join yours server for some MP fun It's always better to play with someone. Would be great if we had any voice communication
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