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  1. My username is 56bananas12345 and I would love to join this server if I can! I really want to join a server where I can have fun
  2. I want to join this server to have fun and play with people My IGN is 56bananas12345
  3. Hi I am Bananas/Alanna and I would LOVE to join this server Age: 11 How often will you play on the server?: 4-5 hours a day (some days I won't be able to) Are you willing to play fair?: Yes! As long as I can do some small pranks (I will fix them don't worry!) Will you respect others and their stuff/builds?: Yes!!! IGN: 56bananas12345
  4. IGN:56bananas12345 Age: 11 Skype: Alanna Toner (Won't always be on) Average time you'll be on the server?: 4-5 hours (or more) Will you follow the rules?: Yes As long as I can do some pranking (not major)
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