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  1. All added. I don't think, I'll add anymore but I'll try to talk to my host and see if he can give me some more power to the server. If anyone needs me contact me on skype: SelarisXD
  2. A buddy of mine allowed me to use his host for a free server and I chose to run my own B Team Server. Basically this server will be whitelist with no more than 10 people allowed at a time. I may upgrade but I doubt it. There are only 2 plugins on: world border and clearlag, everything else is vanilla. Anyways the rules are: Server Rules: No Griefing Respect Staff and Gamers PVP is on, just be mature about it No Stealing No Spamming No Advertising No Hack/Glitching Pranking is allowed but to an extent Application: IGN: Age: Skype: Average time you'll be on the server: Will you follow the rules? IP: a.ngh.cc:29028
  3. Ingame Name: SelarisXD Age: 17 Why you want to join: I'd like to have no restrictions on whats able to be done on the server, this other server I was on kept resetting and I hate that. :/ Skype: SelarisXD How well do you know this mod pack: Of a rating from 1-10, I would say like 6.5. Do you agree to the rules? Of course.
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