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  1. IGN: mohamad1122 Age: 14 Why do I want to join : Because I love to play with people like a community or something like that, because playing alone is too boring you might know what I mean Skype?: Yup Skype username: mohammad.khouqeer Hopefully I join!
  2. Minecraft Name: mohamad1122 Skype Name: mohammad.khouqeer Age:15 and almost 16 just 2 months left Experience: 6 Fav Mod: Flans mods Recording: No What I like to do in MC: Usually explore and build Why I want to be in the server: Because im bored playing alone, everybody knows that feeling where you have nothing more to do Something else about me: well... I'm kinda a pranker, I live in Ksa so maybe i will join at a different time thats all. HOPE I JOIN!!!
  3. Age:14 about to be 15 in the next month. IGN: mohammad1122 Skype: mohammad.khouqeer Why do you want to join?: Because I get bored in single-player and I have always wanted to be in a community server just like the MindCrack server. Have you ever been banned from a server?: No and hopefully never. =) When can you play?: Well i'm in Riyadh so you have to figure out the time but I will definitely be on the weekends but in Riyadh its THU-FRI-SAT but on the weekdays probably 4 or 6pm i will start playing. What makes you think you should be added to the server?: Well... I pro
  4. IGN:mohamad1122 Age:14 Skype: mohammad.khouqeer Average time I will be on: want me to leave I will leave, want me to join ill join, but the average is probably 1 to 3 hours =) I will follow the rules and I wont disrespect anybody but i'm probably a prankster but don't worry hopefully I get white-listed =D Should I add everybody in skype? (the people you white-listed)
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