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  1. Y doesn't my modpack work!

    1. Torezu


      Says he to the world, and no one responds. It was an undirected non-question question.
  2. made my first modpcack! YAY

  3. I might have a idea, but it is a bad1 Maybe reseting the world would help but I doubt it. The point is, ON every US server I go I don't have the problem except this server, I still login daily but it won't work, maybe it is Kzzalstar's house thst is making the problem.
  4. IDK, I realy wan't to play, But I can't posibily think fo any idea. Maybe it is just my internet that sucks, although I go on other servers with less signal and i don't have the problem. Maybe looking for hosting would help, but of course that would requiere money. BTW when i'm falling I can't even use the chat. The hosting is the only idea i could think of. Maybe you should set up a donation center
  5. It doesn't, Every time I logg on I fall until is says end of stream. I'm always stuck at Kzzalstars's smeltery. What should i do shnoop I can't play like that
  6. Now when I try to enter it says: bad login. I keep on restarting my game but it won't let me enter, what should i do????¿¿¿¿!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡
  7. No, I give it an hour and i'm still lagging. Maybe it is because the server is run from the U.S. and I'm in Spain (btw my internet is terrible) But when I go on a vanilla minecraft server from the US i don't have a problem. If it would be possible maybe hosting with a hosting service like MCPROhosting would solve the syncc problem. I realy don't wan't to go back to singleplayer
  8. application: IGN: MrStickyStick age... 12 how often will you play on the server? i'll try as much as i can, but i have to study a lot. I'll be on as soon as i can are you willing to play fair? of course, it is the only way i know how to play will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? sure! I know how it is to get griefed especially if you build realy hard on somthing. And I couldn't destroy someon's work!
  9. Hey Shnoop, I'm having trouble connecting to the server. When i log on i bug out and keep on dexcending in the ground. I le in Spain but on other U.S. servers I go I don't have this problem... What should i do?
  10. Sure! i would love to help build. I'm not that good at building but i'm GREAT at decorating and i would love to help the comunity BTW you should make a better spawn area
  11. No, I didn't do direct connect. And now it won't let me enter neither. It says Cannot connect to server, and i also tryed rebooting my computer/Techic launcher
  12. My beacon got stolen on skyblock ! D:

  13. Hey shnoop123, I'm glad you accepted me but when i tried to enter today, it said: Unable to rach server. ¿WHAT SHOULD I DO? I realy wan't to play on this server