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  1. Masadust i've accepted you but you havent replyed to my skype requests and messages 1 more day!
  2. We've read your aplications and we've accepted IpwnKatkat randomly and if we feel like we need a fourth group then we will tell you guys by tomorrow
  3. Hey guys, We have an AOTBT server that has been up for a little less than a month from now and for some reason we've invited a couple of people but they eventually stop playing. I'm not sure why but since then we've only had two major teams on the server and I was looking for some people to expand the server's players. I only have a few requests but the most important one is that you come with a friend or two. If you are applying you only have to apply for yourself but make sure you put your team mates' ign's. You are required to have skype and to join please fill out the application below... ign's: skype: why you wan't to join: what do you plan on doing: how often will you play: ages of you and your teammates: extra comments (optional): genders: P.S. server restarts every hour. Also there's a glitch that may corrupt your player file and if it happens too many times we will have to kick you off the whitelist
  4. Hello ! I know I have posted two other posts before but now I am starting a new one! On our old server some of our new applicants got very bored of AOTBT so they quit and i decided to add some new people. We have reset our world 2 weeks ago so we don't have much except some advanced genetics stuff but we have proposed a new idea. If you join the server you will be put onto a team with the other applicants who have been accepted and you will be put up against a team of me and 3 other friends. You guys will also have the same amount of people. So if you are willing to work with this idea please fill in the application below! Please note we are only accepting a few people so please do not make this a huge topic... Username: Skype (required): Age: Gender: How long have you played MC: How long have you played AOTBT: How often will you play on the server: What mod(s) will you use & what you plan on doing: Why we should add you: Extra Comments (optional): PS. Server restarts every hour
  5. Sorry guys all spots are taken if something happens to anybody then i will open a new spot
  6. Maybe I accidentally skipped you so If you give me your skype then i will add you to the server Also guys everything has been going good and since we had 2 people quit i will choose one more person in like a day first let us all decide what to do
  7. Since others have not replied in their given time i have one spot left that goes to IceCube. If he doesn't respond by tonight or tomorrow morning he won't be allowed to play D:
  8. since sgt and dragon didn't answer their skype in time i will take two other people who are nathanxnaptime and IllegalAlien972, if u guys don't answer skype on time i will take someone else! we have currently 5 participants and only a few more spots left
  9. Dear boredom24, TokeAlotaPotomus, and j2ba6h8f. You guys have been chosen to be whitelisted from a random number generator. If things go well we may have 1-2 more ppl join i have sent u all skype messages and if there's no reply in 8 hours someone else will take ur spot 0,o
  10. We have just created an AOTBT server and is on the same world as bdouble0 and currently we have 3 participants. We previously had some greifers so this time I'm only going to take 3 people for now. If things go well I'll take 3 more in 3 days. We have a friendly community like the official AOTBT server so witching is allowed but NO GREIFING OR STEALING! We are requesting someone under 18 and if i get several posts then i will randomly chose but remember, first come first serve ! igm: age: gender: why you wan't to join: skype (optional but helpful to us): *you are allowed to prank but no major greif and no major stealing. If i get any reports i myself will investigate and decide
  11. OK after mining i am not going to have anymore people i am sorry.
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