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  1. I didn't receive it MHANIF62. My normal Skype name is masadustx but it should show up as Can'tStab.
  2. ign's: Masadust and bluepenguins01 skype: masadustx and bluepenguins01 why you wan't to join: We would like to join because we were interested in this modpack and wanted a peaceful server to play on and explore the modpack without interuptions such as PvP and Raiding. what do you plan on doing: We will plan on as I said exploring the modpack also we hope to help out and do community builds for the server. Also we are interested in the Witchery mod and were wondering if small pranks and minimal voodoo were aloud? how often will you play: We will play almost everyday for most of the day. (Masadust[Me] Will have vacation once and awhile during summer) ages of you and your teammates: We are both turning 14. extra comments (optional): We're looking forward to being able to join your server! Also we're mature for our age. genders: Male
  3. Waiting to be whitelisted...

  4. Application: In-game name : Masadust Age: 13 Fave color for starter kit: Purple Timezone/Country: America/ (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time
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