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  1. ​Great application although you left out your minecraft IGN so I can add you to the whitelist haha.
  2. ​Accepted, Teamspeak is not required just there if you wish to speak with the other players. Seems like you're not the only one to have Witchery as their fav mod.
  3. ​Accepted, enjoy the server and the growing community ​Accepted, so far we haven't had much lag and I hope it stays that way Accepted, hope you find your friends and build many cool things
  4. ​Accepted! Welcome to the server I can't help but think of Vince from Slap Chop for some reason due to your name heh.
  5. ​Accepted, enjoy the server! ​Accepted! Have a wonderful time and hope you enjoy B team
  6. ​Accepted, hopefully you won't own them all! I want a few haha ​Accepted, good luck on your exams!
  7. ​Great app, accepted. I had a good laugh reading it, thanks! ​Accepted. Don't spend too much time online, go outside a bit! haha ​Accepted. Hope you find the server a swell place and enjoy playing with us ​Accepted. Thank you for picking my server ​Accepted, hope you learn a bit from us and us from you!
  8. ​Accepted. Hope you find the server a fun place. ​ Accepted. We've been running since oct of 2014 and plan on running for many more months. our thread was deleted due to a forum error which is why this thread is so small.
  9. ​Accepted.. Should have just put what you just said in your app instead of. ​Accepted, hope to see you in the game soon!
  10. ​Further question before deciding, once a week seems like a very far apart time which is leading me to nearly deny this.
  11. I'd just like to say that I had a great time playing with all those that signed up and played and explored the modpack with me. Sadly the server is no longer online as not many kept on playing after reaching end game items. Hey everyone, So I just got into playing Attack of the B team and it's a bit boring playing all by myself! That's the reason I've made this whitelisted server, with just a simple application you could be one of the members here I hope you join me and the others currently playing. The rules are: Be nice, have fun, and don't grief other's builds even if they are not claimed
  12. I see this error. 2014-06-24 16:24:43 [資訊] [Minecraft-Server] Starting Minecraft server on Unless you know what you're doing, never put anything in the server-ip line in the server.properties file. Clear the line and the server will start just fine
  13. This is a simple fix, Oracle rolled out Java 8u25 to all users 1 to 2 days ago at 12:01 AM EST. Install Java 7u67 to be able to launch modpacks from technic again. This has been discussed already here: http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89
  14. Not sure if you were able to solve this yet but it seems the issue is caused by a turtle at location World: (-1089,4,-379) if you're able to remove this block with MCedit or NBTExplorer. Region file -3,-1 and you'll be looking for chunk -69,-24 Link for MCedit: http://www.mcedit.net/ Link for NBTExplorer: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/1262665-nbtexplorer-nbt-editor-for-windows-and-mac
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