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  1. Application: Age - 21 How often will you play on the server? Everday at least a couple hours - more if I'm working on a big project.. Are you willing to play fair? Yes, I'm a big fan of mindcrack myself so I would like to have that kinda server. Where we can be friends but, sometimes still roleplay the bad guy. Will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Absolutely, I wouldn't want anyone to grief my builds so I will not do so to them. Simple as that. IGN is Puntagnome btw. I'd really like to join
  2. Application: 1: Minecraft Name - Puntagnome (old WoW joke xD) 2: What country do you live in? - U.S.A. 3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel? - I will not be uploading to Youtube. 4: How many times a week do you plan to be on? - I play everyday at least a couple hours especially if I'm wrapped up in a project. 5: How old are you? - I am 21 years old. 6: Do you accept the rules of the server? - I have read and agree to all the rules of the server. They seem extremely fair. 7: Do you agree to not steal from other players? - I do agree to not steal from other players. I treat people as I would like to be treated. A little added info as to why I'd like to join your server. I've been playing Minecraft for a while now (Attack of the B-team here recently a lot) but, I have never played on a multiplayer server. I enjoy watching youtubers including the "Mindcrack Network" and I love the community aspects. Please consider me for your server. -Zachorii
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