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  1. I realize that signing my posts is technically against the rules, but that's just what I do. It's how I show that "This is me". I've been hacked before and the only way the people the hacker was talking to knew it wasn't me is because my insignia wasn't there. So, you can report me for an anti-hacking precaution, or you can help me find a Multiplayer-Friendly Modpack. And just to annoy you, ~Jolt
  2. I need any modpack creator to create a simple modpack for me, since I don't get how it works. I would like OptiFine, (Most modpacks don't use that, despite the heavy lag) Rei's Minimap, Crafting Guide, and Not Enough Items/Too Many Items. Seems simple, right? Right. I intend to use this for multiplayer use, as all of the included mods are Multiplayer friendly. Even if other players don't have it. So I would like it to be called "YourNameHere's Multiplayer Modpack". Thanks for reading. Please leave the link to your modpack if you ONLY have these mods: OptiFine, Rei's Minimap, Crafting Guide, Not Enough Items. Again, thanks for reading, ~Jolt
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