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  1. As per usual, right on the ball Thanks, I'll take a look when I get back. Not sure what happened with the modpack.jar but I'll redownload it. Also thanks for the heads up on HEE. I knew I was likely to miss one mod out XD
  2. I must be doing something wrong. I know it's probably something extremely stupid but it was 1am last night and I'm at work now so I can't really diagnose it. My pack straight up won't load any mods. Downloads them all to the right directory, nothing loads. No crash reports, nothing. Straight up loads vanilla Minecraft 1.7.10. Unless it's just me (I'm running Java 8 which I hear may cause some conflicts with FML?) I'm pretty sure I've done something wrong. Here's the pack. Any ideas?
  3. Minor tweaks for a few things. Should make doing stuff in the pack a little less restricted by Enhanced Biomes (along with a few other changes): New worlds COULD benefit you if stone is really an issue but it's not overly necessary.
  4. Just released a major update (new mods ahoy)! Here are the changes: Should also point out I'm completely aware of what's going wrong with The Erebus and it's incompatibilities. I'll continue to hit my head on the keyboard until I can get it sorted. You'll probably want to generate new worlds. 1.0 Twilight Forests won't carry over well (not sure about the Enhanced Biomes dirt carrying over). Known bug: Key combo Ctrl+A at least on the creative menu seems to crash the game for whatever reason. If anyone wants to throw in their two cents, go for it, since this has me stumped.
  5. The Sinister Bundle II The second edition of the pack that mixes familiarity with obscurity! DOWNLOAD HERE Welcome to the rebirth of my biggest modpack project. The Sinister Bundle II is a mix and mash of my favourite mods and mods that I want to tinker in. Taking inspiration from the >original Sinister Bundle, the second edition keeps many of the mods in that made the original enjoyable. The pack also removes a lot of mods in favour of other mods or completely, which is why I decided to leave the original pack up for a little longer. Why did I choose to do this? In short I feel like
  6. So I run my own personal modpack on the launcher. I want to change the amount of RAM I have dedicated to the game (I currently have 2GB dedicated) however I don't want to dedicated the full 3GB. I'd rather dedicate 2.5GB as I only want the extra 512MB to be able to run a texture pack smoothly. There's no option for this, unfortunately, so what I want to know is if there is any way to dedicate a custom amount to it?
  7. Version 3.0 is now live! Here's a changelog: Sinister Bundle Version 3.0 (1.6.4 - Minedustrial Revolution) Changelog: + Added BiblioWoods Natura + Added Big Reactors + Added Chisel + Added Chisel Facades + Added ComputerCraft + Added Enchanting Plus + Added EnderIO + Added Flan's Mod + Added FutureCraft (Content Pack) + Added GrowthCraft + Added Hardcore Ender Expansion + Added ICBM + Added IChun Util + Added JABBA + Added Liquid XP + Added MineFactory Reloaded + Added Modern Weapons Pack (Content Pack) + Added Modular Forcefields + Added More Nature + Added Natura + A
  8. I use dropbox but use a public folder. It allows me to copy URLs directly to the modpack without a download page. If you set up dropbox within the last two years or so, you won't have a public folder by default. You can set up a public folder by following this guide. After that, any file you put in your public folder or in a sub folder within the folder can be directly linked by going to your public folder, right clicking the file you want, and selecting 'copy public link'. It'll stick a direct link to the file on your clipboard which you can then just paste into the path on the modpack ed
  9. For a while now, I've been trying to load The Sinister Bundle on to a server but I'm having some problems. I can't really make heads or tails of the crash report, but I'll include it in case anybody wants to see it. I'm fairly convinced that there are mods which are classed as client side mods that I'm neglecting to notice. I'd appreciate it if someone would be willing to take the time to list the content I should be removing, just to see if I am just leaving something in that I shouldn't be. Regardless, if you just wanted to give me some advice based on the crash log, here it is:
  10. Version 2.0 is now live. A changelog follows: NOTE: Pre-2.0 worlds will still be compatible with this version, however due to new ores spawning and minor tweaks to terrain generation, new chunks may generate abruptly. * Crafting vanilla stone with underground biomes stone will now return the same number of blocks you put in * Entities will not spawn while you are sleeping * Monsters will be ignored while you are sleeping * Sentries are now quieter * Tombstones can now only be accessed by their owners * Vanilla stone biomes will now spawn * You can now only carry one backpack in you
  11. DOWNLOAD LATEST BUILD! This modpack aims to be different to other modpacks. While there are mods users will be familiar with, this pack also contains a handful of mods that I feel don't come up in enough packs. This pack will continue to be maintained over a long period of time, adding more and more mods to get a completely unique Minecraft experience. This pack aims to work you towards a goal but doesn't take you down a strict route of crafting items to make it possible. There are several paths you can take to get to your goal. Need steel? Are you going to use an induction smelter and ele
  12. Totally, I'd love to add morph to my modpack but there's really no penalty to using the powers of the creatures you kill. It takes very little effort to go out and kill a bat but then you get the ability to fly from it. It'd be nice if the configs for morph offered the option to enable penalties like rapid hunger reduction while using a morph or something or you couldn't use unique abilities while your hunger was below 3. Not even as default options. Just something easily adjustable in the config.
  13. 1.1 has been released. A changelog follows. + Added Bibliocraft + Added Thaumic Tinkerer + Added Voxelmap + Added Inventory Tweaks + Added Craftable Saddles
  14. Latest version, 1.1. >View changelog. This modpack was designed to be a lightweight pack (slower computers shouldn't struggle with it!) but aims to be fun at the same time. It was initially made for myself and a few friends. It features our favourite mods. This pack is also completely functional in SMP so you can play with your friends too! The current modlist is as follows: Current Mods: Forge Modloader Thaumcraft Natura Hats Tinkers' Construct Tinkers' Steelworks Thaumic Tinkerer Mystcraft Biomes o' Plenty Iron Chests Buildcraft Forestry Backpacks NotE
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