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  1. Every time I try to join a specific server it doesn't work, sometimes it loads for a second but it always says "Internal Server Error" I don't know whats going on, I've reset the pack, uninstalled the launcher un and re installed java and restarted my computer, any help would be much apriciated
  2. IGN: Frog859 Age (no restrictions on age): 14 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): Been playing MC since 2012, have good experience with attack of the b team What you are looking for in a server: I want to play on a server that is "vanilla" with no plugins/bans that just plays the modpack like it's supposed to be played.
  3. Age: (No age limit) 14 Ign: Frog859 Are you a experience Aotbt player?: Somewhat, I've played a little, watched a lot of videos on it Why do you want to join the server?: I just want to play "vanilla" attack of the b team with a small comunity, no plugins and hopefully no lag Skype: Photosynthetic Frog, if that doesn't work try Frog859
  4. GN: Frog859 Skype:Frog859 (If that fails try Photosynthetic Frog) Youtube:Photosynthetic Frog Best minecraft talent: Medium difficulty Redstone and some exploration Age:14.5 Anything else:Just looking to join a small server
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