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  1. i learned this only for tekkit legends, b-team is working fine, blightfall is fine maybe this can help its direcly from modpack: pastebin.com/U1KHYuTE
  2. no i just deleted the log and then launched aggain
  3. pastebin.com/tWr0nURa here
  4. file:///C:/Users/Tents/AppData/Roaming/.technic/logs/techniclauncher_2015-10-01.log
  5. I have a problem when i click play it closes launcher then it starts and theats it
  6. I have a problem whe i click play it closes the luncher and then opes aggain and theats it. HELP me please.
  7. I have a probleme with the server! when I launch it, it gives me some varnings of core mods and then loks like I stoped the server. HELP!
  8. I can play all updates to 1.0.8 but when I go to 1.0.9 and up the launcher closes and opens but the game didnt start. HELP!
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